Ceramic Bearings: are they worth it?

Ceramic Bearings: are they worth it?

Are Ceramic Bearings worth it?

We work exclusively with Australian brand; AITA, to bring riders the best ceramic bearings on the market.

Ceramic bearings play an important role when it comes to performance, as wheels are the fastest rotating part of the bike. When compared to steel bearings, ceramic bearings will save around 5-9 watts of power and you not only do you get a much rounder bearing, but you also get a bearing that will last 3-5 times longer than their steel counterpart.

With a mirror polished surface specification, and C3 clearance, the bearings are incredibly slippy when you put speed through them, and vibration is incredibly minimal due to the low vibration produced.

...and unlike steel, ceramic bearings do not rust, so these have better weather resistance when compared to steel, and they are designed to stand the test of time.

Do I need ceramic bearings?

Your driventrain is the most crucial part of your bike as this is where most of the moving parts are. Having an inefficient drivetrain will significatnly slow your bike down, so you want to make this area is efficient. 

Wheels play the largest part of this relationship as they turn incredibly fast when compared to other moving parts. By simply swapping your bearings to ceramic, you will have immediate rolling resistance benefits when compared to steel bearings. Not only will the bearings offer increased performance, they will also give you free speed everytime you get on the bike. If you're looking for performance, why would you choose to go slower given the choice?

Find out more about AITA bearings HERE

Ceramic Bearing Specifications:

  • ABEC7 high chrome vacuum degassed bearing steel races with quenching and tempering hardening;
  • Ultra-smooth polished bearing raceway;
  • Low friction ceramic grease minimises the friction and increases bearing life;
  • Light-contact rubber seals keep dirt and moisture out;
  • Grade 3 Si3N4 ceramic bearing balls;
  • C3 clearance;