SuperLight Range - A Closer Look

SuperLight Range - A Closer Look

Since firmly introducing ourselves to the direct-to-consumer wheel market in 2019, we have continually developed our wheels, introducing new technology to our CORE & Élan whilst trickling performance features into the like of our “Inception Range” ensuring ALL customers have a performance-orientated wheelset at a price point that works for them, with no compromise in quality.


It's no secret; that our goal has always been to bring the fastest wheels to the market, at the most competitive price possible for the associated performance and quality but to also position them among the leaders for advanced carbon technology.
...and by harnessing what we've learnt since launch, our new SuperLight Wheelsets focus primarily on an impressive weight reduction in which the carbon material and resin utilisation has been optimised whilst the integrity of rim remains uncompromised alongside the aerodynamic advantage they offer. 
The SuperLight Range has two options: CORE SL, and Élan SL.
Both have a completely new look with refreshed graphics; Large gloss black branding, a world away from our previous minimalistic offerings, a change that would be welcomed by most. The CORE SL comes with Sapim CX Ray aero spokes, and the Élan SL has carbon aero spokes. Both models are laced to Scribe’s proven ratchet hub system.
Utilizing new T1000 carbon fibre, an advanced resin system & a revised carbon  fibre layup, our SuperLight wheelsets are incredibly lightweight performance wheels ready to race.  As an example; The CORE 50+ we tested previously is now about 100g lighter in the SL variant.


In regards to aerodynamics; we know what works; our previous generation of wheels were extremely competitive when benchmarked some years ago and whilst the new range sees a very slightly modified profile, it tested faster in the tunnel. On top of CFD testing and tunnel validation, we have had a batch of prototypes (of various sizes) under riders for the last 3-4 months, capturing feedback and confirming what’s seen on paper is portrayed on the road whilst testing stability across a range of conditions on UK & Irish roads.  


When compared to Roval’s wind-tunnel optimized CLX 50 Disc, ALL SUPERLIGHT MODELS showed less drag (with a 25mm tyre) up to ~ 10° of yaw angle; and the CORE 50 & 60 SL showed significant aero gains when compared to the Roval.

As most riders fall within a 2 - 12° yaw window, our new SuperLight Range is right on the money for those aero gains.

We recommend a 25mm tyre for the front for aerodynamic performance, and a 28mm tyre for the rear to help with overall comfort where aero has less of an impact.  With that said; we suggest that there is no issue sizing up on tyres depending on use, with a 28mm tyre inducing a small aero penalty that may be trumped by a reduction in CRR.



All SL models come with our Lifetime Crash Replacement & 3-year warranty at no extra cost,  backed up by our dedicated team of engineers & tech experts for any product support required. On top of the warranty & crash replacement policies; we also offer their industry first ReGeneration programme, allowing riders to exchange new for old with attractive discounts.

Due to increased growth, we have been expanding our operations to give us  increased control of their supply chain and better serve market demand.  All Scribe wheels and associated components go through several stages of QC before, during and after build at their Belfast-located workshop by their team of experienced wheel technicians. 

We have a commitment to quality & with the build processes applied we are confident that every wheel that leaves the site is of the highest standard, in turn ensuring your wheels turn as they should, out of the box and for the many miles that follow.

Check out our SuperLight Range.