As an industry pioneer, Scribe Cycling was the first brand to create a Re-Generation programme for bike wheels. We live in a world of disposable commodity, where items are cast aside rather than being repaired or reused. At Scribe, one of our goals has been to reduce our impact on the planet and breathe new life into old wheels.

Scribe RE-GEN is an initiative that gives you the opportunity to purchase a fully re-furbished set of carbon wheels, at an incredibly discounted price. With our incredible team of cycling experts on-hand to breathe life back into the wheels. Not only are you inspiring positive in the industry. You'll be giving our wheels a second chance at continuing their journey, for many years to come.

With a strong focus on sustainability, we see no reason why Scribe wheels can’t be Re-Generated and enjoyed by our fellow riders. We have a team of cycling experts who will fully refurbish every returned wheelset, allowing us to offer them directly via our eBay Re-Gen Store at an incredibly reduced price.


If you’re already repurposing old wheels then kudos, keep doing what you’re doing! We’re happy as long as they are given a second life. The Re-Gen Programme has been designed to offer a convenient and responsible way to dispose of unwanted wheels and to ensure you get an amazing deal for helping keep them out of landfill.

Through our Re-Gen Programme, not only will high end carbon wheels become even more accessible to the wider cycling community, but the initiative shall also significantly lower our waste and emissions. Each step we take will help reduce the environmental impact and help protect our planet for future generations.


If you own a set of Scribe carbon wheels, we are giving you the chance to purchase a brand-new carbon set with an amazing discount, and all we want is your old wheels returned to Scribe HQ. That's how confident we are that we can breathe life back into them. 

In return for sending us your old wheels, you will receive a Re-Gen discount of up to 40% (see discount values below), this discount can be used to invest in a brand-new set of wheels from any of our carbon ranges. 
*please note: finance options are not available under the Re-Gen programme.
12 - 24 Months40% Discount
24 - 36 Months30% Discount
36+ Months10% Discount


The Re-Gen discount will be used in the form of a discount code (RE-GEN), using this code simply place a new order as normal. A 10% holding charge will be applied and we shall request the outstanding balanced once your old wheels have been returned, and your new wheels are ready for dispatch. You will receive this payment confirmation email as soon as our warehouse has processed your return, normally within 5-10 days after handing in your parcel.

The Re-Gen discount code has no expiration date and can be used whenever you want to invest in some new carbon hoops.
  • In-Stock Wheels: If the wheels you have ordered are in stock, send us your old wheels, we will process & dispatch the new wheels within 2-4 days of receiving the return. 
  • Pre-Order Wheels: If the wheels are out of stock, we shall contact you once the new wheels become available and only at that point, advise you to send us your old wheels back. We shall process and dispatch the new wheels within 3-5 days of receiving the return. 
You will only be charged the full amount minus the Re-Gen discount once the wheels have been processed for dispatch.


If your current Scribe Wheels are over 12 months old, you can return them regardless of condition & purchase a new wheelset from the our carbon collection. We do however require you to clean the wheels before returning them.
*please note that we don’t accept wheels from other brands as our Re-Gen and re-sale process is tailored to the specific products and materials of our own collection.


Unlike alloy, carbon is an incredibly difficult material to recycle, and it is only in the last few years that recycling companies have developed innovative ways to break-down the resin holding the carbon fibre strands. Carbon recycling is a unique and growing industry with start-up companies expanding daily. The quality of rCF being produced has been shown to be on par with virgin fibre typically retaining at least 90% of its tensile strength with no change in modulus.


Returned wheels shall form part of our Re-Gen collection and will be available to purchase through the official Scribe Re-Gen eBay store at an incredibly discounted price. Every Re-Gen wheelset will undergo a rigorous safety check before being fully refurbished by our team of expert technicians, only then will the wheels be listed for sale. Re-Gen wheels will come with a 12-month warranty and full Scribe Customer Service back-up and most importantly, nothing will go to waste.

For wheels that can’t be resold, we are investing time and effort in creating strong partnerships with composite recycling companies to ensure Scribe continue to be innovative and show there is another, more sustainable way.


At this moment in time, we are unable to provide free return shipping but as the Re-Gen initiative grows, we shall look at ways to help with the return shipping costs. Please return your wheels back to our offices in Belfast with a carrier of your choice and make sure to include the downloadable return form which can be downloaded below.
*for your safety we recommend that you choose a traceable shipping option, Scribe cannot be held responsible for return shipping issues.
Address: Scribe Cycling Unit 2, Fortwilliam Industrial Estate, Dargan Crescent Belfast BT3 9JP