Gravel Wide++ 40 700 CD Carbon Wheelset (1,429g)
Gravel Wide++ 40 700 CD Carbon Wheelset (1,429g)
Gravel Wide++ 40 700 CD Carbon Wheelset (1,429g)
Gravel Wide++ 40 700 CD Carbon Wheelset (1,429g)
Gravel Wide++ 40 700 CD Carbon Wheelset (1,429g)
Gravel Wide++ 40 700 CD Carbon Wheelset (1,429g)
Gravel Wide++ 40 700 CD Carbon Wheelset (1,429g)
Gravel Wide++ 40 700 CD Carbon Wheelset (1,429g)
Gravel Wide++ 40 700 CD Carbon Wheelset (1,429g)
Gravel Wide++ 40 700 CD Carbon Wheelset (1,429g)

Gravel Wide++ 40 700 CD Carbon Wheelset (1,429g)

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Wheels for Purpose

The Scribe Carbon Gravel Wide++ 40 700 CD is a lightweight, Aero option for those riding fast over challenging, mixed road conditions. Whether you're a complete off-road gravel rider, or simply like to hop-on/hop-off road/trail, you will have confidence these wheels will deliver.

We understand that aero matters when it comes to Gravel which is why we wanted to offer something a bitter deeper than the norm and these are versatile enough for all terrain use. 

Hitting the scales at 1,429g, the Gravel Carbons are robust and pound-for-pound, feature amongst the best Gravel wheels out there. The Wide 24mm internal profile gives you the option to fit wide tyres for increased stability when cornering (on- and off-road), and increased speed due to improved rolling resistance - especially when ran as tubeless. With centre lock disc as standard, you can ride with confidence, knowing the stopping power is there when it's needed.

Tech Spec (summary)

Depth 40mm
Material Full, Unidirectional Carbon
Type Tubeless Ready
Rim Width (external) 30mm
Rim Width (internal) 24mm (hookless)
Spoke Pattern/Hole Count Front 1:1/28H, Rear 1:1/28H
Recommended tyre size 32c - 50c (Tubeless Only)
Weight 1,429g

Product Details


  • Disc specific hookless design
  • High filament (12K/18K) Japanese Toray T700/T800 carbon fibre. Unidirectional for strength with additional reinforcement at spoke holes
  • Scribe Carbon T:Tech used to strengthen rim walls, and rim bed - offering incredible long-term strength, even under high pressure 
  • Optimised TG (Glass Transition) resin used to produce a super lightweight, responsive, low void carbon for increased performance
  • 40mm Aero NACA Profile 
  • Wide 24mm internal (30mm outer)
  • 28 hole Front/28 hole Rear
  • Tubeless ready design gives you the option to have increased puncture resistance, faster-rolling wheels and improved weight (works with standard tube also)
  • 4-D precision drilled spoke holes - directs spokes exactly to hub anchor point
  • Ramped rim bed for easy tyre fitment
Scribe Gravel Wide+ 700 CD Rear Wheel Close-up


  • Scribe Exclusive Unique Ratchet Drive system
  • Single Ratchet disc and leaf spring offers incredible durability as there's only one moving part
  • Heat treated stainless steel drive ring
  • Centre-lock disc standard (6-bolt adapter available)
  • Fully CNC'd rounded design with 4-D precision drilled spoke holes
  • Shimano (HG & HG+) /SRAM (PG) 8/9/10/11/12 speed compatible Anti-bite freehub body fitted - Campagnolo and XDR also available
  • Available in all major standards - Front: QR, Bolt thru (12mm and 15mm); Rear: QR, Bolt thru (142x12)

Scribe Cycling's Unique Ratchet Drive System


You choose! Bearings are an essential component of wheels and it's important your bearings perform as you want them to.

  • Endurance Bearings: are fast & designed to stand the test of time, so you can ride as much as you want with confidence.

  • Race Bearings: But for those looking for every Watt gain, you may prefer super-fast Race bearings! *Please note: Race bearings are FAST, but they have non-contact seals which are less resistant to water.

  • Ceramic Bearings (Grade 3): If you're searching for ultimate levels of performance at a fraction of the cost, then Ceramic Bearings are your go to option. Offering an extended lifetime, lasting 3-5 times longer than regular steel bearings they also deliver a 5-9 watts energy saving which is huge!

    Front = 6802 (x2)
    Rear = 6902 (x2)
    Freehub = 6802 (x2)
Scribe Cycling Endurance Bearings
  • High quality Taiwanese TPI stainless steel bearings (doesn't rust or corrode)
  • Sealed cartridge units with 1x contact seal (outer facing seal interfaces with ball bearings to resist water penetration), and 1x non-contact seal (no interface between ball bearings increases rolling speed)
  • Precision engineered to produce incredibly high roundness, with low friction surface
  • Aqua grease: repels water and allows your bearings to spin smoothly long term

Spokes and Nipples

  • The Scribe Gravel Wide++ 40 700 CD wheels have been upgraded to the Pillar Wing 20 spoke. Following aerodynamic and laboratory testing, the Wing 20 offers increased aero benefits over all bladed spokes on the market with increased stiffness. At 4.3g each, and almost as light as Titanium, we can build you a super-lightweight wheelset that allows you to get up to speed fast with increased aero gains when at speed.
  • High strength, Swedish Stainless Steel T302+ aero spoke (2.0mm – 1.2mm)
  • Pillar Patented head technology offers increased strength at anchor point and reduces fatigue so your wheels stand the test of time.
  • J-bend to make replacement easier
  • 28 hole front/28 hole rear
  • For nipples, we use brass Pillar Patented TG Lock square head so the nipples are locked into place.  As the Gravels will be exposed to most seasons, brass nipples have significantly improved fatigue resistance when compared with alloy, and they don't corrode, so you can ride them in wet, salty conditions without having to worry about them failing.

Lacing Pattern

  • Front: disc side 2x, drive side 2x
  • Rear: disc side 2x, drive side 2x

Additional items in the box

  • Tubeless Tape (pre-installed)
  • Tubeless valves

Weight limit: The upper combined weight limit (bike weight + rider weight + luggage) for these wheels is 115kg. If a rider is in excess of 95kg, we recommend regular wheel checks from an experienced bike mechanic.