Vittoria Graphene 2.0 Corsa Control TL (Tubeless)

Vittoria Graphene 2.0 Corsa Control TL (Tubeless)

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PLEASE NOTE - Tyres are fitted to wheels FREE of charge with approximately 40-50ml of sealant unless requested otherwise.  

For exceptional race-winning grip and traction on rough roads, wet and greasy cobbled streets and slippy surfaces, look no further than the Vittoria Corsa Control G2.0.

Graphene 2.0 Compound: Vittoria’s unique Graphene compound is superior in rolling performance, grip, traction and longevity. This compound provides the performance benefits required for competitive, consistent racing output.

4C Compound: Exclusively developed by Vittoria and achieves high-end performance. The 4C is a layering process using 4 separate rubber compounds within the same tread. The 4C construction provides unmatchable versatility in both the central and side tread areas.