Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers

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Take the guess work out of choosing presents with Scribe gift vouchers.

Let's face it, even with N+1 constantly on your mind when it comes to bike kit, steering your loved ones towards the right present(s) is a bit easier when it comes to gift vouchers.

At Scribe, we're always here to help so we thought we'd lead you in with some opening lines that's worked for us in the past...

The Prompt to look out for;  Loved one 'how was the bike ride'...

Answer 1) 'I was without a doubt the strongest rider today (*you're always the strongest rider) but I got dropped on the last hill and it's the bike weight that's holding me back. Lighter wheels, or a lighter bike would make all the difference' 

Answer 2) 'My flat speed just isn't were it needs to be. More Aero, deeper section wheels would...'

Answer 3) 'Going into the New Year, I'm definitely gonna start cycling to work again. I just need some decent commuting wheels to get old reliable running again'

With a selection of Scribe values available, it's easy to choose a comfortable amount that fits nicely on the 'Good' to 'Naughty' scale.

  • Gift Vouchers will be sent to you via email with instructions on how to redeem the voucher
  • Gift vouchers can pay part, or the full amount of any Scribe product. If you have remaining balance after purchase, the outstanding will be held until you want to use this in the future
  • Gift vouchers are completely refundable (to original owner only) and you must notify us within 3 months to claim the value back - this can either be the full amount, or partial amount if the balance hasn't been spent 

If you have not received your gift voucher after purchase, please don't hesitate to contact us at