Hutchinson Fusion 5 Performance Tyres (2 Tyres)

Hutchinson Fusion 5 Performance Tyres (2 Tyres)

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PLEASE NOTE - Tyres are fitted to wheels FREE of charge with approximately 40-50ml of sealant unless requested otherwise.  

Continental GP5000TL Tubeless Road Tyres

We will fit for you: Simply add the tyres to basket with your wheels and we will set them up tubeless with sealant installed. 


Fast, grippy Eleven Storm compound as all Fusion 5 series tires, paired to a more robust Kevlar Pro Tech flat protection layer. With unparalleled, uncompromising ride in our broadest size range, it’s a tire for every road.

Hutchinson Fusion 5 all season tubeless ready clincher road tyre


  • Tubeless-ready clincher tyre
  • Low rolling resistance with ElevenSTORM® compound
  • Top mileage abilities
  • Kevlar Pro Tech Protection
  • High grip on wet and dry roads
  • Hardskin reinforcement under the tread